• Series of diptych limited edition print series, Animal clan totems of the earth, sun and moon 100 prints per image, 9 X 30 inches each print,  Coghlan art, Aldergrove, B.C 
  • Numerous school projects on art with students and teachers across Canada
  • Major commissions being executed for collectors
  • Working on authentic database for woodland art
  • Continue to expand catalogue raisonne database
  • Work with several apprentices throughout Canada
  • Collaboration with organization in Seatle, Washington

  • Start new art representation with Davic gallery, Port Coquitlam, B.C
  • Continue to assist with the Norval Morrisseau art fraud investigation
  • Work with education systems across Canada - creative art projects with teachers and students
  • Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario creative arts journey
  • Establish art representation with Coghlan art, Aldergrove B.C.
  • New limited editions being released with Coghlan art - Soulmates, edition of 200, With Nature spirit - edition of 99, Spirits at play  - edition of 99, Natures pride and joy - edition of 99, Guardians of the family clan  - edition of 99


  •  Commissioned in Summer of 2014 to do: Family generations - 10 feet by 4 feet.
  • Artshow presentation in Ottawa Ont. Invite only private show
  • Continue to sell paintings with my gallery representatives across Canada
  • Partnership with Mexico anthropology campaign - explore connection of animal mind
  • Come to find major evidence in the Morrisseau art fraud issues
  • Work with Canadian schools doing various art projects with classes
  • Interview with westerkirk works of art
  • Wabino-wiin Thunderbird healing arts society is 20 members strong
  • Extensive research throughout the woodland school of art
  • Work with Detroit museum on 7 clan teachings - collaborative project working to protect detroit river habitat, 2014/15


  • Begin new partnership with regard to printing my works on limited edition "art boxes" and "silk wall hangings 14 designs, in a limited edition of 99 per image, under an arts umbrella I created called: United Spirit Creations - working with artists from around the world, 2013
  • Win another award for my book: Ojibway Clans - Animal Totems & Spirits
  • Created poster design for Aboriginal awareness week at: McGill University, 2013
  • Book reading and arts talk with VacFas - Native children in care, Vancouver B.C.
  • Question and Answer periods throughout the Canadian education systems across Canada with kids doing projects on my artworks, my legacy and my spiritual understandings 2013
  • Continue to work on solving the Norval Morrisseau art fraud issues across Canada and around the world - 2013
  • Continue to work on adding newly discovered paintings, drawings and stories to my Catalogue Raisonne


  • Featured 6 page interview and article in Sagatay magazine - Wasaya airlines publication, Northern Ont. Dec. 17th, 2012 - 2013, the winter edition
  • Pelican Herald paper article, Sioux Lookout Ont. 2012
  • 5 day art show at W2 Woodwards Indigenous winter market, Dec. 12th - 16th, 2012, Vancouver B.C.
  • Receive a prestigious American "Moonbeam award" for my children's book "Ojibway Clans- Animal totems and spirits" Oct. 2012
  • Sioux Bulletin newspaper article Sept. 26th, 2012 in Sioux Lookout Ont.
  • Receive Sacred Thunderbird medicine pipe, Sioux Lookout Ont.  Sept. 2012
  • Open roads public school assembly (500+) kids in the gymnasium, talk on art, life experiences, and public reading with the kids about the new book Ojibway clans - Animal totems & spirits, Dryden Ont. Sept. 24th, 2012
  • 3 day workshop with Sioux Mountain public school, talks and teachings on first nations art, culture, and readings of the new book Ojibway clans - Animal totems & spirits on Sept. 19th, 20th, 21st, 2012,  Sioux Lookout Ont.
  • Pelican Falls first nations school assembly with the entire student body, Sioux lookout Ont. Sept. 14th, 2012
  • Public reading of my new children's book, Ojibway clans - Animal totems & spirits, Sioux lookout public library, Sept, 20th, 2012
  • All my Relations - homecoming art show plus Book launch, Sioux Lookout Ont. at A Frame gallery in conjunction with Sioux Lookout creative arts circle, Sept. 18th, 2012
  • Vancouver book launch "Ojibway clans - Animal totems & Spirits" published by Native Northwest, sponsored by Cedar Root gallery, Vancouver friendship Center, Aug. 23rd, 2012
  • Start new business relationship and gallery representation with Images Boreales Gallery in Montreal, Quebec
  • Aboriginal day presentation of artworks, and lead a community prayer for all nations upon Mother Earth, Mosaic - Vancouver B.C.
  • Front cover of an Ontario education magazine called OSSTF Education forum - May, 2012, also an added feature article with my art in the magazine title article: North of 50
  • A video interview with an arts organization named Artsquest, it was done to express an open dialogue with my art and some explanations on my paintings, Vancouver B.C.
  • Greenery native art gallery presents on April 14th, 2012, The "Artswalk in Alma Village" a meet & greet with the artist Mark Anthony Jacobson sharing cultural teachings and philosophies about Ojibway art and his inspirations and symbolism in his art, Vancouver B.C.
  • Launch a new 9 x 12 hard cover coffee table children's book titled: "Ojibway Clans - Animal totems and Spirits" written and illustrated by Mark Anthony Jacobson, published by Native Northwest Publishing, Vancouver B.C.
  • Publicly denounce my association with Norval Morrisseau's bearwalker Society, denounce title of grand medicine chief of this society, back away from the current estate of Norval Morrisseau
  • Continue to seek and add new images of paintings, drawings and other various media to my Catalogue Raisonne as to ensure a secure source of provenance and documentation with regard to the authenticity of my artistic legacy

  •  Launch a new silkscreen limited edition print titled: "Blessings of the Inner Child" 140 prints 14 artist's proofs, 14 remarques, 2 printers proofs, 12 colours, measuring 22 X 28 through Seacoast Silkscreens in Victoria, B.C. distributed by Cedar Hill Longhouse Art Publishing          
  • Start new business relationship with Cedar Hill Longhouse Art publishing, Victoria B.C.
  • Keynote speaker for a spiritual conference in Toronto Ont. 
  • Start new business relationship with Bay of Spirits Gallery, Toronto Ont.
  • Launch the official and authorized catalogue raisonne of my artworks, Vancouver B.C.

  • Opening art show for 2010 called INDN arts in action "Make it Real" with Norval Morrisseau  originals along with 7 other artists in Pat Bruderer, Jadeon Rathegeber, Jimi Oskineegish, Pat Amos
  •  Continue to study Norval Morrisseau paintings from the time periods of the 50's, 60's, 70's 80's 90's for personal and public authentication purposes.
  • Giclee print production of 200 prints on paper, image "Our sacred water spirits" Coglan art & studio, Aldergrove, B.C.
  • Another Giclee print production of 150 prints on paper, image " Meditation" Coglan art & studio, Aldergrove, B.C.
  • Print production in Giclee on paper of 150 prints on paper, image "Mother & child" Coglan art & studio, Aldergrove, B.C.
  •  Canamade Olympics event and artshow, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Artshow and presentation, Sinclair center, Vancouver B.C.
  •  Featured artist in the "Here is now" art show, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Honoured member of Norval Morrisseau's "Bearwalker Society" - appointed Grand Medicine Chief of this Society, 
  • Honouring the Winter Solstice 2010  Group show with Ritchie "Stardreamer" Sinclair and John Rombough Toronto Ont.  (Gift Don Robinson of KRG with a white eagle feather ceremony) the eagle feather was blessed with a prayer by Brian Marion

  • Experience a most profound spiritual revolutionary change, from "Shaman artist into a Sovereign Integral.
  • Front Cover image [A shamans prayer] for text book with Oxford University press
  • Paint 80 paintings . Spend most of the year identifying fake Norval Morrisseau paintings
  • Spend countless months studying every aspect of Norval Morrisseau originals so as to help with the authenticity of his artworks and legacy.
  • Being of service to the community.
  • Plenty of prayer and ceremonies through out 2009.
  • Art show MCL Motors event, unveiling of the new Bentley sports, Vancouver, B.C.
  • New art products available with Native Northwest, Vancouver B.C.
  • Art project North Vancouver school board (Education for a new generation)
  • Art Show "Eagles in the City" - House of the Spirit Bear Gallery   
  • Sioux Lookout Bulletin news paper article
  • Giclee print production of 16 images, 200 Remarques per image   
  • Art presentation with North Vancouver city council                      
  •  Receive 2 full Eagles for helping to protect cultural ways
  •  Art show " Transformations" - Greenery native art Gallery
     .    Gallery representation with House of the Spirit Bear, Vancouver B.C.
  •  Art show "Our Sacred Environment" - Greenery native art Gallery
  • Gallery representation with Greenery native art gallery, Vancouver B.C. 
  • Series of 4 more images, 200 prints per image, 15x19, Seacoast silk screening, Victoria,B.C.
  • series of 2 images, 200 prints per image, 22x30 17 colour schemes, Victoria, B.C.
  • Art show with Vancouver Island artists Port Place in Nanaimo B.C.
  • Spiritual workshop Kowichen indian reserve, filmed by Shaw TV
  • Sponsored a native american church, peyote ceremony in Chase, B.C. thank you meeting
  • Receive eagle staff, water drum, rattle, songs, eagle medicines, and visions of the future
          Bless an Elder with a "gift of an Eagle"
  • Receive Indian name pey-sim-away-apey-binasi > RAINBOW THUNDERBIRD
  • Create 250 paintings on canvas, some 12 feet by 4 feet and feel at one with the dualities of creation, thus helping others to the truth of those dualities
  • Art show with Norval Morrisseau, Gallery of Giving, Nanaimo, B.C.
  • Frequent trips to Nanaimo to hang out with Norval and to just be around him.
  • Started a series of 275 prints, Hummingbirds 15x19, Garfinkel Publications Vancouver B.C.
  •  Another series of 275 prints, Butterflies, 15x19, Garfinkel Publications Vancouver B.C.
  • Publication of more art cards, clothing line, fine art dish ware, book marks, mugs, and etc.
  • North American Art show, Aboriginal center, Vancouver B.C.
  • Front cover of Winds of change magazine, American Indian Ed. and Opportunity, U.S.A.
  • Series of 4 images, 200 prints per image, 15x19 Seacoast silk screening, Victoria, B.C.
  • Move to Vancouver, B.C., fall in love with Vancouver and find the art movement beautiful
  • Art show in Ontario, Clare art center
  • Art show called Bawpinew Kumigud, with A.N.D.P.V.A Barrie, Ont.
  • Selling paintings through out B.C.
  • Attending peyote ceremonies and learning peyote songs and the instruments
  • Move back to Toronto, have art show through the 30th ann. Mukwa Geezis Festival
  • Art show at Longyear museum of Anthropology, Hamilton, New York, U.S.A.
  • Create more paintings on paper for Art works, International, Toronto Ont.
  • Introduction to Native American Church, peyote ceremonies, I fall in love with the medicine
  • Grandfather peyote begins to teach that God is within, I find the real teacher, the Creator
  • Art show in Brockport, New York, with selected artists and A.N.D.P.V.A
  •  Print production with Garfinkel Publications, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Art show with the late Arthur Shilling, A.N.D.P.V.A, Toronto, Ont.
  • Representation with the Illuminary Art Gallery, Toronto Ont.
  • Art show with Illuminary Art Gallery, showing Picasso, Dali, and other european masters, in Toronto Ont. at the Toronto convention center
  • Artist journey to Banff, Alberta, 10 months spending creative, intimate time with mother earth
  • Selling paintings in Banff, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver
  • Contract with Gentry Lane Fine Arts, selected works, Toronto Ont.
  • Group show with A.N.D.P.V.A. Skydome, Toronto Ont.
  • Solo show, boat cruise, enterprise 2000, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with the Spin Gallery, selected works, Toronto Ont.
  • Spending time with elder's and medicine people learning multi-cultural perspectives
  • Group show with A.N.D.P.V.A. Skydome, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with Spin Gallery, selected works, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with La Parate Gallery, selected works, Toronto, Ont.
  • Art show with the Hybrid Network, Toronto Ont.
  • 2 vision quests, major attendance at sun dance sweat lodge ceremonies/ fire keeper
  • Privileged to be of Ojibway ancestry
  • Feature article in Sioux Lookout, Ont, Wawatay News
  • Move to Toronto, Ont, receive grant from Metis Nation of Ontario
  • Have art show in Timmins, Ont.  - Art presentation with Fern Public School, Toronto Ont.
  • Group show with A.N.D.P.V.A. Skydome, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with Artworks International, selected works, 500 paintings on paper, Toronto, Ont.
  • Attending ceremonies and spiritual gatherings, being of service to the community
  • Publication of 200 prints called Inner strength, 12x16
  • Attend Lakehead University and enroll in the art program
  • Art presentation at Hammerskjold High School, Thunder Bay Ont.
  • Receive vision of Jesus Christ and experience conviction of death to selfishness
  • Experience truth of the oneness of all things and feel the reality of our Creator
  • Receive psychic change and experience humility and gratitude
  • Paint and draw about 100 pieces in 6 months
  • Solo show, The ARC, Vancouver B.C.
  • Having deep spiritual experiences with mother earth and her language with creation
  • Move to Tofino, Vancouver Island for 6 months and seek creative inspiration
  • Receive 380 eagle feather's from elder on Long beach, reserve, Tofino, Vancouver Island
  • Attend ceremony in Sugar cane, reserve B.C. sweat with elders and warriors, Gustasfen Lake, sundance ceremony sacred burial grounds are in jeopardy from Canadian Government
  • Move back to Thunder Bay and spend intimate time with Nanbijou and paint
  • Start looking into my past and begin addressing inner child issues
  • Selling paintings and commissions
  • Continue seeking resolutions to inner conflicts
  • Move to Vancouver, B.C. and have Solo show at the Blue Coyote Gallery
  • Continue studies in mysticism, develop deeper relationship with creation
  •  Experience dark night of the soul, inner crisis, and conflict of the spiritual
  • Suffer periods of insanity and nothingness, receive spiritual enlightenment and grace
  • Continue painting as means of self expression and healing
  • Start learning sweat lodge ceremonies, songs and get gifted medicines
  • Much Music Wapistan promotion, win a Jacobson original painting, Toronto Ont.
  • Suffer near death experience and make contact with the spirit master's/ inner guides
  • Clinically dead for 7 minutes, come out of a coma 5 days later
  • Receive visions to express the will and wisdom of our ancestor's.
  • Begin studies on shamanism, christianity, prayer, meditation, eckankar, Ojibway culture
  • Art show, Taos square, Taos, New Mexico U.S.A.
  • 1988 to 1990 -    Have first show with family and friends 1988
  • group show in Thunder bay Ont. satellite center 1989
  • Group show in Sioux Lookout Ont. at the sunset Inn
  • Art presentation in Sioux lookout Ont. Queen Elizabeth high school art student program
  • Paint and study with Roy Thomas in Thunder Bay, Ont.
  • Solo show in Toronto, {Yorkville] Ont. Pow Wow Gallery
  • Feature article in the Thunder bay chronicle and journal
  • Grant from the Canadian native arts foundation, Toronto Ont.
  • Move to Los Angeles and have art show at the Board walk, Venice Beach, California U.S.A. 
1986 to 1987
  • Blessed by the Creator to create Ojibway art form and begin the apprenticeship
  •  Sell my first painting